Sunday, March 15, 2015

This craft of ours

Fashion design and fashion in general as an industry or more specifically as a career choice often has a bad rep, or people tend to look down on you when you say you're an aspiring designer.  Even artists in similar creative industries get the same attitude towards their goals and dreams ("that's not a real job").

Why? Because fashion is generally seen as a shallow, superficial thing. Art overall is seen as a "waste of time" or an "unrealistic dream" or "useless".

It's sad because us artists see our craft as so much more than that, it is our world, and there is nothing superficial about it to us.  We pour our hearts and souls into our creations, and thus making us the most vulnerable of all, because a part of us is in everything we create. For me, a part of my heart goes into everything I create.

If you have never made a shirt from scratch with your hands and just a piece of fabric, please hold your tongue until you experience firsthand what you think you know so much about. If you have never pricked your fingers half a dozen times a day with pins, if you have never burned those fingers from the steam of an iron, if you have never sewed late into the night until your limbs ache from fatigue, if you have never ripped apart a seam four times in order to get it just right... then you simply don't understand, and you have no right to criticize it or look down on something we work so hard at and put so much of ourselves into.  You have never walked in our shoes.

In fact, I feel kind of sad for you.. judging us simply from the superficial viewpoint media has put on us. I wish that I can show you our world, I wish that I make you see and understand. Because within the world of sweat and tears and painstaking efforts, there is a simple, undeniably human part of our craft that is more satisfying and blissful than most things I have experienced, because it is so humbling.  It is finishing a tiny blind stitch hem so perfect there aren't even dimples on the right side of the fabric, it is lining up those stripes so perfectly along the seam that it looks well, seamless,  it is getting those ruffles to fall just how you imagined, it is making a person feel beautiful and confident in the dress you've made for them, it is being able to help someone express themselves fully in your creation - something that came from your mind and your thoughts, it is making someone look effortless with something that took an enormous amount of effort, it is getting inspired by lines and shapes and nature and colors and the beautiful human body, it is getting excited over the texture of a fabric, or falling in love with the intricacies of a lace design, it is seeing your sketch on paper coming to life as if it stepped right out of your imagination, it is a world of beauty within a world that is often filled with ugliness and it, my friend, is a magical world.

Without this craft, you could be wearing a potato sack back from scratchy burlap to your very important corporate office job.  In fact, if you don't think fashion is important, just drop all those Armani suits down the recycle chute and hop into a beautiful potato sack and waltz off to work. Wear it all day after that - to the gym, to dinner with your girlfriend, to relax on the couch, to the bar with your buddies, to bed.  I dare you.

Maybe then you'll start to respect and try to understand the importance of our craft.  Why does fashion get such a bad rep when all us designers are trying to do is to make you feel beautiful, feel like you can truly express yourself, feel confident, feel comfortable, feel relaxed, feel at ease in your own skin, feel important at your job and actually look important (shoulder pads), feel composed, feel glamorous, feel sexy, feel like you can take on the world by simply putting on a piece of clothing you love?

Respect us, and we'll continue to respect you.  Our craft is everything to us, and if that's something you can never understand, then at least respect it.  It's a huge part of your life whether you notice it or not. Without art, our world is nothing. It is a world without color, without life, without that part that in fact makes us human.  So love it, respect it, embrace it.


P.S. that came out a bit more offended than I meant it to do but I was actually sewing and listening to peaceful music and really enjoying myself when I thought about writing this... so this was not really in an angry mindset.  It was in fact, a very relaxed mindset and I was really appreciating my craft - I just got a bit emotional, haha! XOXO

Friday, January 16, 2015

Warm Lights

A few photos that have been sitting on my computer for a LONG time, I decided to finally edit them and post them.  I took these along the main street of Avalon, Catalina~

It was a warm night, perfect for that relaxing stroll along the oceanfront.

Dress: foreign exchange
Heels: Forever 21
Fur Shawl: Nine West

Thank you so much for viewing and reading! I hope you feel warm and cozy after look at these warm-hued photos ! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

[OOTD] Anything but platonic

A relaxing shoot I did with a romantic yet slightly retro feel to it.  
The soft and illuminating colors make me feel happy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

[OOTD] Effortless

Even though the rest of the world is happily gearing up for fall - cozy sweater and oversized coats galore, California is still scorching as if we are in the middle of July; the heat has just been clinging on to us, reluctant to let go!

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