Monday, April 14, 2014

[OOTD] Still Sands

Although I'm actually a cold-weather fan, I occasionally enjoy the cheerful island sunshine weather as well.  Especially when it helps photos come out this lovely! I love the sunkissed, hazy feel in some of these shots.  Makes everything look dreamlike and nostalgic.

My dress was so comfortable and flowy to wear. I love it. I am generally not a huge maxi-dress fan but this one definitely tickled my fancy. It actually arrived literally the day before I left for the island!  It was meant to be :) Hope you like these simple shots!

Dress: Off-brand
Hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: Off-brand
Slippers/Sandals: Nine West

Here are a slew of close-ups:

One of my favorite parts of the mini-vacation was this amazing, luxurious sun deck with bright red pavilions and linen lined lounge chairs overlooking the ocean.  It was so lovely and refreshing that we spent a decent amount napping on the deck and relaxing there both of the days we were on the island~

Special photo: The gorgeous photographer himself... (holding my purse lol!) ♥

Silly Bloopers:
Me fussing with myself/my outfit haha.

hehe, I walk funny in this photo XD

*blows raspberry*


Whoops dropped my hat! Heh.

Welp, that's all~! Hope you enjoyed the bright and cheerful photos~
Au revoir~

Question: Do you prefer the original photo size better? (the large photos) or do you prefer if I change the size to a smaller one?  I'm just a little lost because sometimes I love the dynamic, attention-grabbing look of the original sized photos, but then sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the size and prefer the smaller photos.
What do you guys think? What size do you edit your photos to for your blog posts?

Thanks for viewing/reading! ♥